Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Our Big Announcement

First an update: we started From the Sidelines six weeks ago because we wanted to take college football fans behind-the-scenes of America's hottest program.

Unlike most sports blogs, ours is not a place where we give our opinion or prognosticate. Instead, we focus on original reporting, taking fans beyond what they can find out about USC from their local paper or on television.

Through our player profiles and behind-the-scenes accounts, we give readers a chance to get to know the players as people, and our coverage of ESPN College GameDay's visit to the Coliseum and the Trojans' win over UCLA helped capture the excitement that surrounds USC football.

We continue to look for opportunities to expand our coverage and take fans places they've never been before. That's why we're excited to announce that this weekend we'll be in New York to cover the Heisman Trophy ceremony and all the pageantry that surrounds it.

Though we won't technically be the first bloggers to cover the Heisman, we're the first to bring our distinctive behind-the-scenes coverage to what many consider the most prestigious individual award in all of sports.

So check back throughout the weekend for information and updates on all the Heisman festivities. We promise to provide coverage you can't get anywhere else except...

From the Sidelines.


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