Thursday, December 01, 2005

Trojan Profile: Taitusi "Deuce" Lutui

Name: Taitusi "Deuce" Lutui

Number: 71
Class: senior
Position: guard
Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Siblings: two brothers, two sisters
Roommates: wife and son [born the day after 2005 Orange Bowl]
Best friend on team: Alatini Malu

Girlfriend: married
Dream girl: my wife
Best thing about her: the way that she loves me

Non-football idol: my parents
Non-football highlight: the day my son was born
Best sport other than football: rugby
Career other than football: history teacher or coach

Formerly slept with a stuffed animal: Yes, but I can't remember what it was
Scares you: spiders because they just have too many legs
Pet peeve: not-so-nice people
Proudest of: my family, my wife and my son

Surprising fact: I'm a momma's boy...but I think all o-linemen are momma's boys

Specialty in the kitchen: ramen noodles or Easy Mac

Favorite professional football team: Arizona Cardinals
Favorite professional football player: Hines Ward

Opponent you dislike the most: UCLA

Funniest teammate: Ryan Kalil
Prettiest: Fred Matua
Most athletic: Reggie Bush
Most humble: Matt Leinart

Funniest team moment: The Halloween prank with LenDale White

Pete Carroll in one word: Player's coach [ed. - compound word?]


Lutui is the only Trojan who has to balance life as a husband and father with football and academics.

"It's a battle to share my time with my wife and son," he said. "Football takes up so much of my time. I see my teammates more than my wife."

Lutui says that separation is difficult.

"It can be hard, really hard sometimes, especially when we're on the road and I have to leave them behind."

"But I don't regret it at all."

UPDATE: Congratulations to Deuce for being named to the American Football Coaches Association All-America team


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