Monday, December 12, 2005

Young a Sore Loser?

There was only one person in the country who seemed surprised by Reggie Bush's Heisman win on Saturday: runner-up Vince Young.

"I'm just disappointed for my fans, especially for my teammates and my family for not representing them in the right way," he told reporters after the ceremony. "I feel like I let my guys down, let my family down, let the whole cities of Austin and Houston down."

When another reporter asked about whether his Heisman finish would impact his decision to stay in school or go pro, he refused to answer. "I don't know, man. I'm still upset."

Young's reaction to the results surprised many.

"I just can't see where he's coming from," third place finisher Matt Leinart said. "With all due respect, I think the votes spoke for themselves."

In fact, it appears that Young's comments have let down more people than did his second place finish, and one said that it was in what Young said -- and not his loss to Bush -- that he didn't represent his fans, teammates and family in the right way.

"I just wish [coach] Mack Brown had prepared him better for losing," said one Austin resident, a graduate of UT. "[Young] could have been a lot more graceful after Reggie won."

ALSO: Young guaranteed a Longhorns victory in the Rose Bowl over the weekend. At the Duke - Texas basketball game, a New York Post reporter asked him if he would be making a statement similar to Joe Namath's before Super Bowl III.

"Right now, yeah, I'm very confident about it," he said. "They [the Trojans] come in the game off a high winning streak, and everybody's blowing them up, you know, and they think we're the underdogs and we're not going to come to play. I know that we are. We're going to come to show them the Texas football team."


At 1:36 PM, Blogger TXMed said...

The way the Longhorns are running their mouths in the media seems eerily similiar to those Sooners doing the same last year. I think it shows a level of frustration (with an underdog status, with losing the Heisman, with the media's infatuation with the Trojans and Reggie). As Wright's quote shows, they want to prove something. If they come into the Rose Bowl with that on their shoulders, if they're trying to make a play and prove something every down, if they're trying to play outside of themselves, then they're going to get whooped, just like Okie last year.

Vince (asked if he was willing to guarantee a win): "Right now, yeah, I'm very confident about it...they [the Trojans] come in the game off a high winning streak, and everybody's blowing them up, you know, and they think we're the underdogs and we're not going to come to play."

Rodrigue Wright: "We want to beat them [the Trojans] physically...We want to dominate. That's not been said about USC."

Keep talking guys, keep talking.

At 1:46 PM, Blogger 'Mazing Amy said...

good point txmed, I totally agree. I am not worried about this game at all. USC will win.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger A.Q. said...

I love it!

Going to make victory that much sweeter...

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Joe said...

A friend of mine's brother is good friends with Strength and Conditioning Coach Carlyle. Here is what he told me in an email:

"According to Ray (the brother), Coach Carlyle said they are not overly concerned with Texas, who they see as just another Big-12 team ready for a reality check"

Get your money down now!

At 11:13 PM, Blogger RPM said...

Looks like Young's losing it - putting too much pressure on himself. Before the Heisman presentation, where he talked about his argument about highlight reels going to Reggie vs consistency in winning going to him, I thought it was optimism, and media play.

But it seems he really thought he could win. My thoughts are on my blog, where basically I am trying to ask 'Are you serious, Vince?'.

And yea, this Texas team's ramblings so far seem to sound much like Okla of last year. Except that last year I really did feel that Okla was overrated. This year, having seen Texas play in a couple of games, I feel the challenge is much tougher.

It is of course good for USC that Vince is taking it so personally - it will cause his downfall that much quicker. One or two missed passes to start the game or a sack in the first series is all it will take to get him out of the game.

At least so it seems. Will see on the 4th! :-)

Great blog, btw guys. Keep it going. It has become my latest 'must read blog'.

Fight On!

At 1:13 AM, Blogger Rafael said...

What bothers me most about Vince Young when I hear him talk is that I start to feel sorry for the guy... he's stupid. He's nice, football smart, but there are just oh, so many irrational thoughts floating around in his head.

And where did he get the crazy idea that USC comes into its games stroking each others wankers over their win streak?

Texas is already thinking too much in all the wrong ways.

At 10:48 AM, Blogger patrick said...

You guys are going to get your @$$ handed to you and its going to be fantastic. This site will be in complete meltdown (all 8 people that post here) when that "boob" of a quarterback throws a couple picks.

Reggie Bush may be effing awesome, but he won't make up for teh suck that is Matt Leinart. I am utterly amazed at his mediocrity.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Rower said...

patrick, patrick, patrick...

Please, don't embarrass your colleagues (that means friends) with your silly threats.

Let's not forget what started this blog...Young's inability to realize that he did not win. The Mack Brown PR machine did not work this time (like it did for the Rose Bowl last season). Gracious at losing cannot be applied here. I am all for Vinnie twistin in the makes the Trojans that much stronger.

Oh, and have a Merry Christmas.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger patrick said...

"The Mack Brown PR machine did not work this time (like it did for the Rose Bowl last season)."

How tragic that one of your precious Pac-10 teams was kept out of the Rose Bowl, because Cal was apparently so deserving. Oh wait, no they weren't, they got their @$$ handed to them by a Texas Tech team that TEXAS beat by 30 points earlier that year.

USC hasn't seen a defense like TEXAS' all year. And your defense hasn't played an offense like ours all year.

How many are we gonna hang all ya'll? 10? 20? 30?

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Scott said...

So the NY media tries to bait VY into guaranteeing a win, and then all VY basically said is he's confident about the game. Yeah, That's grade A bulletin board material. And on top of that, trying to compare that or what Rod Wright said to what Birdine for OU said last year is even more pathetic. Birdine called out your team and your QB; y'all haven't heard anything close that, but your eyes and ears (and hearts) want to believe differently.

You guys are reaching so much, it's beginning to get rather comical. What's wrong with the Horns being confident and anxious to play the game? What's wrong with them believing in themselves and expecting a win? Reggie Bush said the same thing, just in not so many words (go figure).

Fact is, both programs are pretty classy but both programs have a pretty big ego surrounding them. This isn't as one sided as you, ESPN, or the mainstream media try and make this out to be. You will get a game on the 4th, and I expect nothing less from the 1 1/2 time champs.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger MITBeaver said...

Yellow journalism at its finest. Is this what we should expect from all the graduates of USC's communications department?

Young never explicitly guaranteed anything.

While you're at it, please explain how long grass causes injuries in football...

A football blog from a guy who's obviously never played the game. Great stuff.

At 10:25 AM, Blogger NFL Adam said...

Hey the Longhorns are going to bring it. If you look at the history of the Big XII in the BCS title game, it pretty much guarantees that Texas will indeed "bring it."

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Peete16 said...

Let's hope Texas "brings it" more than the Big XII's most recent addition to title game history. Please say your post was sarcasm.

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Texas didn't crush A&M the other week, and they're going to whoop on SC? Don't think so.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger John said...

"Texas didn't crush A&M the other week, and they're going to whoop on SC? Don't think so."

Didn't USC crush Fresno State the other week, right before Fresno went on to lose to Nevada and Louisiana Tech?

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Bloodorangeo55 said...

This game will be won in the trenches, not by Reggie Bush or VY, et al, who you see on blogs or the other dancers and hype...don't know who SC's "Casey Stoddard" look-alike is but they will need him..looks to be a good match up and can't wait for the free SoCal "aires fresca" coming from the Gulf Coast...BURNT ORANGE WILL BE THERE IN MASS!!!!

At 11:34 PM, Blogger Rafael said...

Regardless of who wins (USC), I think that the important thing to talk about regarding VY possibly being a sore loser (which he's not) is the fact that neither Mac Brown nor the manditory Life Skills class (required by the NCAA for all student athletes) both failed to prepare VY for speaking to the media. And you can tell that the kid really needed tutoring here.

Vince Young did not sound like a sore loser, he just sounded stupid. Until the day he has an agent and a publicist, the University of Texas, Mac Brown and the NCAA need to protect and guide this kid. Why isn't anybody on ESPN or Sports Illustrated bringing this up?!

And one last thing (okay, two): Does anyone else find Beano Cooks obsessive mention of the USC Song Girls just a little bit troubling? And two: For the record, the Song Girls are cute but there are far prettier girls--Not Song Girls--all over campus.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger xyz123 said...

I completely concur with MITbeaver. This website is complete trash run by a bunch of hacks. First, VY never said anything CLOSE to a guarantee of victory--read the quote. Second, the Blog geeks used themselves as a source to "confirm" that Leinart never groped the girl. That brings tremendous credibility. Again, look at the objective evidence - Leinart definitely isn't discussing knitting with her and she definitely isn't the pursuer. If it makes you happy to see everything without ANY objectivity, that's fine, but don't every sell it as journalism. It's crap.

At 10:19 AM, Blogger TXMed said...

mitbeaver: "Young never explicitly guaranteed anything."

Wait, the question specifically asked if he was willing to guarantee a victory and Vince's response is "Yeah".

NYP Reporter: Are you willing to guarantee a victory like Joe Namath did in 1969?

Vince Young: "Right now, YEAH."

I may be a stupid USC grad, but that's a guarantee.

"Blog geeks used themselves as a source to "confirm" that Leinart never groped the girl."

This is the densest, dumbest thing I've seen posted in a while.

God, I just hate it when reporters use their OWN eye witness accounts! What a sham! I don't trust anything unless it is second or third hand.

All those famous on scene reports, with reporters describing just what they were seeing: 9/11, the can you trust something like that?!

At 12:16 PM, Blogger xyz123 said...

There is an enormous difference between legitimate journalists reporting the "news" and homer wannabes confirming whatever is in the best interest of their ballroom dancing golden boy.
As for Young's comments, explicitly guaranteeing victory would look like, "I guarantee we will win." Young responded with a "yeah." If he responded with a "no," the reports would say, "Even Young doesn't expect his Horns to win." He was backed into a corner and responded as an fan would hope their QB would do. It was VERY different than Joe Namath's unprompted, "I guarantee a victory."

At 12:21 PM, Blogger Guy Ventura said...

This is so insane. It seems just before the lead up to EVERY GAME the Trojans played this year- the opposing teams have had the same lines and same methods of motivation to playing the 2-TIME NATIONAL CHAMPS: "they haven't faced an offense and/or defense like us yet" or better yet, "they think just because they're USC that we're gonna be in awe of them" and then there's always the "they don't respect their opponent as much as much as they should".

Has anyone ever read or hear of any published quotes of any member of the Trojan staff (players, coaches, or administrators) remarking on the total lack of respect or sense of overconfidence when speaking about an upcoming opponent? Where does this scheit come from? (I'm sure we can delve into a psychological abyss covering this topic, but I'm talking about hard/evidentiary proof, not inferiority complex issues).

TXMed has solid salient points as to the over-rated beast that is Big 12 football. Say what you will about PAC 10 ball, but Texas didn't have to take EVERYONE'S best shot this year. There's a big difference playing the No. 2 team in the country than there is playing THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS. I mean gimme a break, Texas is good. Damn good. But their opponents haven't been HALF AS JACKED UP to knock them off as the teams USC has faced this year.

As far as young being a "better quarterback" than Leinart this year? OK so Vince "ran" for 850 yards and got a total of 9 rushing TD's? Leinart ran for THE touchdown of the decade and rushed for a total of 6 this season. As far as REAL QB stats: ML: 391 attempts with 254 completions for 3,450 total yards to go along with 7 interceptions and 27 TD's (that's 1 interception for every 56 throws). VY: 285 attempts (106 fewer than ML) with 182 completions for 2,769 total yards to along with 10 interceptions and 26 TD's. ( that's 1 interception for every 29 throws). So Vinny wins "passing efficiency" QB this year? He wouldn't have without the HELP OF USC TROJANS this year. He has us to thank for that. The Trojans put the SPANK on Drew Olson so BADLY this past year, Drew Olson LOST his place to Young on that final day of the regular season.

To conclude, nothing matters until Jan 4, 2006. We'll see who's offense shows up, and we'll see who's defense puts the smack on.

All I have to say to the wonderful team that is the Texas Longhorns, get ready for TEAM FOOTBALL- not "SC football" because SC knows it doesn't have a monopoly on any aspects of the game. They play ball the way it was designed to be played. To win, and to win with an all out team effort.

Fight On! SC !

At 12:24 PM, Blogger MookieVike said...

Until USC can beat a big 10 team for the national title, they are a joke. It's easy whipping up on the pansies from PAC-10 all year, and even beating a team like Oklahoma or Texas for a National title, is like stealing. Give me a break. Why does USC get the byes?

At 12:35 PM, Blogger xyz123 said...

"The Trojans put the SPANK on Drew Olson so BADLY this past year, Drew Olson LOST his place to Young on that final day of the regular season."
Hmm, Vince Young, a clear second in Heisman Voting and the AP QB of the year "lucked" into a spot?? Drew Olson may have lost his spot to Leinart, but not Young.
And the TD of the decade?? I don't think struggling to beat a mediocre Notre Dame on the last play of the game and a early Christmas gift from the refs counts as the TD of the decade.
Nobody is doubting that USC is an excellent team, but let's be honest, USC hasn't faced a team anywhere near the caliber of Texas this year. If you think Texas will give USC "just another game," please, by all means do. If you do, more importantly, if your team does, Texas will be flying home with the National Championship trophy.
In any event, thank goodness USC didn't choke and leave Texas to play some scrub team - let the games begin!
As far as the Big 10, I think we can all agree that it's the most overrated football conference in the nation. There were 4 pre-season "national championship contenders." 3 of those teams didn't even finish in the BCS top 25. Luckily for Penn State, they face miserably poor competition and lucked out to get in the top 5. When Florida State KILLS them, maybe Big 10 fans will shut up.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Guy Ventura said...

xyz123- you're a clown. Leinart has a 158 passing rating. He was 7th before the last game of the season. Vince Young has a 168.6 rating, was second to Olson on the last day of regular season, and after the USC/UCLA game- Olson's rating went down to 165.3. Quit putting words in people's mouth, I never said the Rose Bowl is gonna be "just another game"- you did. Notre Dame "mediocre"? Florida State "killing" Penn? You are higher than 10 Indians boy.

Texas is a "damn good" and "wonderful" team. And they'll give USC a helluva game. It's real easy being heinously critical of others, but that still doesn't make up for lack of intellect. No one's ever erected statues of critics.

It won't be "just another" game for USC. It will be THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game of the year. USC isn't going out to play the studly Vince Young or the defensive juggernaut that is the Big 12. Indeed, you can be sure Coach Carroll will have the team prepared to win the Rose Bowl and BCS National Champion trophies. They're gonna play THE GAME, not the war of words.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger xyz123 said...

Guy, I agree with most of what you say (me being a clown, well, maybe), but this whole string was started by an incorrectly interpreted comment by VY. He did not set out to start a war of words, it came to him, and other than the well-trained, "no comment," he had no choice. "Yeah" or "no," there would have been repurcussions. Much like Mack Brown's Coaches Poll voting. He voted USC number one and caught TONS of flack for it. Had he voted Texas number one, he would have caught even more.
With so much time until the game, the media has to create stories. Did Leinart grope a girl and get slapped? Maybe, maybe not. I don't know that I'd blame him. Did VY guarantee a victory? Maybe, maybe not. Does Mack think Texas is better than USC? You get the picture.
The most outrageous quote in the Leinart story is DEFINITELY the SI reporter's quote saying that Leinart was "just out trying to have fun with friends, not meet girls." I'm not sure where that guy went to college, but as I recall, girls went out "to hang out with friends." Guys went out and even if the primary purpose was not to meet girls, it was never unwelcome. I don't ever recall hearing a friend tell an attractive young lady pursuing him to "please leave us alone, it's a guys' night." Granted none of my friends were Matt Leinart, but he is a guy.
Should be a great damn game; it's just too bad tickets cost more than a black-market kidney!

At 8:39 PM, Blogger TXMed said...

"This whole string was started by an incorrectly interpreted comment by VY. He did not set out to start a war of words, it came to him, and other than the well-trained, "no comment," he had no choice. "Yeah" or "no," there would have been repurcussions."

A question for Vince Young,

"Is Mack Brown the greatest coach of all time? Yes or no."

According to you, he either looks like a fool or that he has no confidence in his coach...there is ABSOLUTLEY no way around is quite a conundrum.

All hyperbole aside, people make explanatory anwers all the time. How's this for a classy response to the guarantee question? "Well, I got a ton of confidence in my team, and I know what we're capable of, but I don't want to fuel those guys over in southern California by going all Broadway Joe. I just want to go show what we can do on the field."

And then it gets a page 12 report and no one comments on it after the day of press.

Instead, Vince said what he was thinking. Reggie Bush believes he's going to embarass Cedric Griffin on some run to the outside on January 4th but I'll be damned if a reporter asked him if he was going to do that that he'd say, "Yeah..."

Which, according to you, would be his only option, other than, "No."

It's not like they cut Vince off after the word "Yeah." Or didn't print his entire quote.

"Vince, will you guarantee victory in the Rose Bowl?"


"Okay Vince, that's all we need."

"But, I gotta explain it."

"Sorry, gotta get this to press! So long sucker!"

Vince made a dumb mistake, that's just the way it is, but it's not worth it to be an apologist for him.

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Dmack said...

Listen all you Texas donghorns, until you beat SC shut the f**k up.

You come from a crappy conference and have played one really good team and barely beat them.

You have never played a team like SC in the Rose Bowl environment (when's the last time Texas went to a BCS bowl (without being shaddy about it), in fact before this year when is the last time they won a conference championship)

SC has played three of the top teams in the country (#5, #6, #17), and even more ranked teams at the time we played them.

And all of the teams we played were playing at the top of their game. Some gave it so much that they ran out of gas after we beat them (Arizona State, Fresno State).

We haven't lost in 34 games, a significant number of them against ranked teams.

We are 37-1 in three years. And that only loss by one point in triple OT (that's what it takes to beat SC)

And lastly OKLAHOMA.

I don't doubt that Texas is an extremely talented team and more well rounded (SC's defense racked up the injuries). And I don't ignorantly believe that SC can't be beat (although they won't be beat).

But the bottom line is until you beat us, shut the f**k up. Because just like you're hilbillie brethren to the your north, you're talking a lot of crap and we all know how that turned out.

Just as the SC team chanted to Oklahoma walking by in the tunnel at half-time last year, "WE BE WAITIN' FOR YA'LL"

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Cousin Vinnie said...

Factoids: Texas only played three (3) teams this year that were rated in top 25 of BCS when they played. The Big 12 is teh weakest conference in college football. VY is only a C+ student and B- football player. January 4, 2006 score at Rose Bowl will be Texas 17 - USC 49. Go USC!!!

At 9:55 AM, Blogger dubdee said...

Until USC can beat a big 10 team for the national title, they are a joke.

Rose Bowl. Two years ago. It was Michigan who ended up looking like the joke.

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Rafael said...

Dubdee, what a shame, you don't know your college football... like Alexis/Nathan said, Rose Bowl, 2 years ago... They were just horsing around with the Wolverines all day.

In addition to beating Big Ten giants Michigan and Iowa in the last four years, USC has also beaten Big East/ACC wonder Virginia Tech and SEC big dog Auburn... and Independent super-leader Notre Dame... and Big 12 king Oklahoma.

The Trojans have been for real for a long time... that's why a victory over Texas may make them the most storied team for a long, long time... and wait till signing day comes, promising another national championship very, very soon.

At 2:16 PM, Blogger tokamoto42 said...

Let me first start by thanking everybody for participating in this blog as it is entertaining and time-consuming while we count down the hours before the Playoff in Pasadena. But now let me make my peace, which I have been waiting to do all year.

I actually worked under Pete Carroll and am a stern believer in never underestimating any of your opponents. USC-Texas will be no different.

With respect to Vince's comments, which is what this blog is about, he simply spoke out of pure emotion. I'm not here to criticize him as a person but if he cannot control that emotion on the football field, come Jan. 4th Vince is gonna be a very dissappointed young man. It's one thing to be a middle linebacker and play with raw strength and emotion, yet quite another to be a quarterback, where calm nerves and a cool head is an asset all the greats have shared. Simply put, he spoke without thinking and that can sometimes happen, afterall we respect him for his athletic ability, not his public persona or media relation skills.

Now, on to the Rose Bowl. I have thought about this game since early in the season when the matchup was predicted and I was forcefed UT football on some of the major networks. Don't get me wrong, I love college football and watching the #2 team in the country is a treat however I was enlightened while doing my own sort of scouting report. What most UT fans fail to mention in their comments about USC is none other than Pete Carroll. Do you forgot that these players do not play football alone? So here were my observations:

Starting with Red River Shootout, I noticed that the Longhorns ran quite a bit of Shotgun Deuce Wide formations. Out of this formation I mildly calaculated that the Mack Brown offensive juggernaut can be broken down into "zone read" plays nearly 85% of the time.

This kind of offense has proven effective for the Longhorns. It allows Young the ability to read the defense and run one of three plays, these being:

1. Shotgun Draw within the A gaps

2. Shotgun playaction draw and QB bootleg

3. Shotgun playaction draw, quick slant to the Y or X

After having watched 2 more Texas games, I noticed the offense had not changed. Same zone read out of the same shotgun spread formation. Here is the problem that I foresee for the Longhorns:

And this goes back to my original point. Pete Carroll, in my mind is one of the best preparation/scheming football coaches (at least at the college level) that this game has ever seen. Having been in the locker room, I can't help but be in awe of his extreme optimisim, enthusiasm as well as work ethic. The Hook 'em nation better be prepared to "be prepared" because Mr. Carroll will no doubt have the Trojans in shape and mentally ready to play the game of their lives.

Now, does anybody in their right mind think that Pete Caroll, with one month to prepare, a whole season's worth of game film and a very deep arsenal not be able to scheme some sort of defense against the bland and vanilla offense that is the Longhorns? I mean come on, I noticed these things while drinking and only watching 3 games.

Don't get me wrong, Vince Young's athletic ability will allow the UT offense to put up points against our Trojan defense, however, I can guarantee that all other facets of the offense will not be in mid-season form. (see Adrian Peterson)

It is my belief that Mr. Carroll wiill devise some sort of nickel package or 3-3-5 to counteract the shotgun formation and will utlize the strentgh of our defense rather than leave our weakness' open to Vince's talent.

I also forgot to mention that USC has Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Lendale White, Dwayne Jarret and Steve Smith on the other side of the ball. Let's not forget my boys Ryan, Deuce, Fred, Winston and Sam.

So what I feel is that, yes, Texas will score. Yes, Vince young will have a great game. But the game needed by Vince to beat 2 Heisman trophy winners will have to far out surpass the 513 yd Reggie performance or anything that we have seen from Vince yet.

I am not discredting the rest of the Longhorn offense, I just have that much faith in Pete. "In Pete We Trust".

Go Trojans! Fight On! And let's stop talking smack and actually see what the Horns bring to the party. I'm interested. Till the 4th.

At 11:19 PM, Blogger Justin said...

Granted the Longhorn offense has not been the most complex system imaginable, but so what? No one has been able to stop it once it got rolling. Do you honestly think that you realized something "while drinking and only watching 3 games" that every scouting department of every team that has faced the horns this year doesn't know? In case you've been drinking again, let me answer for you. No. What you say isn't exactly breaking new ground. It's not about knowing which play is coming, it's about stopping that play. Texas players have even admitted to telling the defense what play they are about to run, daring them to stop it, then laughing at them as they roll to the end zone. The sad part is that this was probably against a better defense than USC can put on the field. The point is they were just toying with them. I don't expect this to be that kind of game at all. I think it will be a terrific game as each team seems to have it's own strengths. Texas probably hasn't seen an offense like USC and USC hasn't seen a qb like Young, but that's been said a million times. I just can't believe all of you USC kids are predicting this momentous blowout when none of you truly know anything about Texas. No one will know anything until they play the game so it's surprising that all these people think THEY know what's going to happen. Just sit back and relax, quit overanalyzing, and have fun with it. That is what this whole thing is supposed to be about isn't it?

At 2:02 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Longhorn fan here. I'm actually glad to see a USC fan with intelligent commentary on the matchup. Thank you tokamoto42. I am responding to your main points. First, while I agree that Pete Carroll has proven to be an excellent game-day schemer, it's hard to execute revolutionary schemes with a depleted talent pool. Compare this year's defense stats to those of last year. Also remember that we've got the defensive coordinator from Auburn, which last year was a top 5 defensive team. it's no wonder we are #6 overall (#5 vs the pass) this year. i think we'd both agree that the offenses arent very complicated and that both teams have executed well. I will say, however, that USC probably not go with the 3-3-5. You're going to need to stack the box (7+) against us. Look at our rushing stats..they're better than yours.

I'm not sure how you can "guarantee" that the other 10 offensive players won't be in midseason form. You act like we've never been on a big stage before. I'll give you the championship game experience edge, but challenge you to argue that it'll overcome the relative talent deficiency you have compared to last year. I say "relative" because I think your offense is just as good as last year (maybe even better - the numbers would indicate so), but the defense is worse. Remember, it's not 2 vs 11. If Chris Simms were QB, I wouldnt even attend this game, but Vince is at the helm and I wouldnt miss it. Finally, if you're as learned a football fan as you make yourself out to be, then you'd defenses (and the OL/DL) typically dictate the outcome of a game. This one should be no different. My seats are awesome (and free!). I can't wait.

At 12:44 PM, Blogger gg said...

Texas fan here-
this should be a CLASSIC!

I challenge anyone to name another game with more future NFL running backs on the field at the same time (besides some sort of allstar game)..Texas has 5 BIG TIME running backs:
1. Selvin Young- explosivo who had numerous injuries this year is healthy again
2. Jamaal charles- true fresh with more speed than a truck stop drug dealer
3. Ramonce Taylor- the best athlete on the field besides Reggie
4. Henry Melton- another true fresh- 270lbs built like a tall Bettis
5. Vince Young- see 2005 rosebowl

Im not ignoring the Trojans rbs- they have one of the best backfield tandems College football has seen. BUT- I don't think the world is ready for our ARMY of running backs and the monsterous holes they get from our O line- which is by far the best in the country. And just when you start to creep up in the box, VY will step back and drop a bomb on you...GET READY.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger tokamoto42 said...

UT Fans:

I thank you for your responses, as it is nice to have conversation with college football fans rather than just banter on whose team will whoop up on whom. With respect to Justin, I think you mistakedly took my remarks as a prediction that the Trojans would blowout the Longhorns.

Let me state, "I do not think this will be the case." Although, I felt exactly the same way last year as I headed down to Miami for the Orange Bowl. What I was saying is this, that considering the enormous amount of talent on both sides of the ball, I feel scheming will play a crucial role in the outcome of this football game. Ineveitably it will boil down to what happens on the field but I feel the X's and O's have to be taken into consideration. (However this statement could prove to be ridiculous with players such as Vince Young and Reggie Bush in the game.)

I agree SC has not seen a QB like Vince and this poses a huge threat to the "3-Peat". With respect to Chris' comments, I also agree that our defense is not as talented as last years, however due to that fact this has led to people all over the nation overlooking the strengths we do have on defense.

Check these numbers:

Our overall rushing defensive numbers are actually better than Texas'!

117.3 (24th in country) to 124.4 (30th in country) but everyone overlooks that. Given UT's passing defense is rated much higher than ours, but Vince is not as skilled a passer as he is a runner. In fact, he completed about half as many yards as Cody Hodges of Texas Tech! (A fellow Big 12er) The Trojan defense has one of the highest turnover ratio's in the country at 3.1. The one thing our defense has struggled with is injuries. Given the month to heal will certainly give some value add to our defense but will also strengthen the Longhorn's backfield as well, as some of their running backs are returning to full force.

The reason I made the comment about the 3-3-5 was simply an opinon because I felt it was a way to counterract the speed of Vince Young. I realize that by only leaving 6 in the box more pressure is put on the front 3, but it leaves a quicker more mobile defender in the secondary to "spy" the quarterback. The reason UT's rushing yards are better than SC's is a direct reflection on what type of athlete Young is and I am actually glad that the job of scheming against him is in the hands of Pete and not myself. (Probably the same way Chizik feels about Bush)

So back to your points Chris, I actually like waht you have to say, because football is won in the trenches. The flashy guys get on Sportcenter and make all the noise but real football players know where it is won. With that said I think we are in good shape with our offensive line, as they are one of the, if not the best in the country. Rodrique Wright and Frank Okam will put up a heluva a battle, I'm just not sure if they have enough. On the other side of the ball is where the real question mark lies in my mind. I feel our DE Lawrence Jackson will be one of the finest products of our school yet but, OTs Jonathan Scott and Justin Blalock have some serious size and strentgh to push on our interiors.

I believe this game is going to boil down to speed, turnovers and intangibles. Whoever comes out of the gate playing the quickest and jumps to an early lead is going to have a serious advantage. If either team can monitor their possesions we will be in for a battle of the ages. The intagibles are going to be the Vince Young & Reggie Bush highlight reels and I can't wait to see them in person. See all of you die hards in Passdena next week!

Fight On!

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At 7:31 PM, Blogger Rocco said...

Not the game that was anticipated is it? Leinart looks scared and confused. I thought Bush would have taken over this game by now. He sure isn't getting much help.

At 10:17 PM, Blogger CrimsonTide12xs said...

Well, I guess Texas had the last laugh. They are a football team that can back up what they say. As for Leinart, he is a sore loser. He still thinks USC is the better team (according to his whiny post game comments) If that's true why could USC not convert on 4 and 2? Don't get me wrong USC has an excellent football team. I think they're cockiness got the best of them this time. Good for Texas.

At 10:19 PM, Blogger The Pen said...

Who is the sore loser now? I guess that would be your boy Matt Leinart: "I still think we're a better football team, they just made the plays in the end."


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